Investigation into temporary traffic light problems in Louth

Traffic Lights. Picture: Andrew Roe
Traffic Lights. Picture: Andrew Roe

Virgin Media will be asked to investigate and ‘take any necessary action’ following concerns raised by motorists and residents over the temporary traffic lights at the crossroads between Upgate, Newmarket and South Street.

The temporary traffic lights are currently in place while Virgin Media excavate parts of the road and footpath to lay duct and building boxes.

Yesterday, motorists aired complaints on social media after encountering issues at the affected junction.

Steph Chambers posted: “Be careful at the temporary traffic lights in Upgate. I’ve just come from London Road to Newmarket and I went through on green, but the next lot of traffic came through as I was still coming. So, kindly I had to sit and get abuse from each car and worker that came past, when actually I did nothing wrong!”

Sam Needham agreed, commenting: “I think the setup is pretty useless there. It’s okay if you’re nearer the front of the queue with a heavy right foot, but what seems to be happening is that the lights are changing before everyone has come through. I had a red Peugeot come from London Road up towards Newmarket the other day while the lights were on green for me.”

Dani Carver added: “I live in Upgate and these traffic lights have been a nightmare. I constantly hear beeping horns and shouting going on.”

Louth Leader approached Lincolnshire County Council for comment this morning.

A spokesperson from the Highways Department replied: “We’ve had no reports of a problem with the lights.

“However, in light of these comments, we will contact Virgin Media who are carrying out the works and ask them to investigate and take any necessary action.”