I was ‘side-swiped’ by 4x4 on the pavement

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No Caption ABCDE EMN-180405-160523001

A retired Horncastle business owner has urged pedestrians to be on their guard after he was ‘side-swiped’ by a 4x4 vehicle driving ON the pavement.

Peter Foster said he was lucky that only his shopping was damaged in the incident in North Street.

Mr Foister said: “I was walking up North Street just round the corner from the Bull Ring and was side swiped by a 4x4 driving on the pavement.

“There was no one else on the pavement so I was not very near the road edge and the vehicle knocked the bag of shopping out of my hand and scattered it on the pavement - as well as half spinning me round.

“The vehicle did not stop but should have easily been aware he had hit someone.

“He, or she, had sped round the corner and another van was approaching from the other direction but neither gave way.

“I last saw the gun metal grey 4x4 pulling back onto the road and speeding off.

“I only got the first letter of its number plate “V” but was too surprised to get the rest.”

Mr Foster added he was shocked by the incident and has spoken out to warn other people.

He explained: “Although no real damage was done to me the force was enough to damage the soup tins and milk in the (shopping) bag and I was left to round the bits up in what was left of the torn bag.

“I don’t think anyone else witnessed it as it happened so fast and it was a Wednesday is fairly quiet in Horncastle.

“Perhaps the News could investigate to see if this has happened before as next time it could be fatal.”

The road does narrow close to the junction of North Street and the Bull Ring but Mr Foster says the incident did not happen at that point.

He added: “What surprised me most was that the accident did not occur at the narrowest part but about 10 feet further on when the drivers could easily have seen each other.”

Horncastle Police say they have had any other reports of similar incidents..

The News spoke to several people who said they were concerned about safety, patoicularly from passing HGVs.