‘I was lucky I wasn’t injured’

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An 83-year-old Horncastle woman says she was lucky not to be seriously injured after falling on ‘slippery slabs’ in the town’s Market Place.

Alice Pearson says she was left ‘badly shaken’ after the fall close to Perkins Newsagents last week.

It followed heavy rain which she says left the flagstones in a ‘lethal condition’.

She says some of her friends have slipped on the same flags and are ‘afraid’ to walk on them after it has rained.

Mrs Pearson says she wanted to highlight the danger to other pedestrians.

However, her comments have led to East Lindsey District Council and Lincolnshire County Council both denying they are responsible for the area of the Market Place where Mrs Pearson fell.

Mrs Pearson told the News: “I was heading for the Post Office to post a birthday card to my grandson.

“It was tea-time. There were a few youths around. Suddenly, my feet went from under me and I ended up on the floor.

“Two of the young lads helped me to my feet. I was a bit shaken but not badly hurt.

“I think I fell on my shopping bag. It was my pride more than anything. I could have been seriously injured.

“I would like to thank the youngsters for their help.”

Mrs Pearson says she knew about the danger of the slabs which are laid between the cobbles and the pavement.

She added: “I am always very cautious when I walk along there, especially when it has been raining.

“The leaves can make it difficult although that wasn’t the problem last week. It was the slabs. They are lethal.

“A lot of people are wary and some of my friends have had lucky escapes.

“Somebody should do something. It’s like a skating rink.”

An ELDC spokesman said a land search showed they were only responsible for the ‘car park area’ of the Market Place - and the immediate surround.

He suggested the area where Mrs Pearson fell was owned by the County Council.

However, a spokesman for the county council denied that was the case, saying they were only responsible for the areas of roadway in the Market Place.

Clerk Gillian Mauger said Horncastle Town Council was ‘fed up’ trying to get either authority to improve the white slabs.

She added the town council was under the impression ELDC would carry out improvements but had postponed the work.

The ELDC spokesman confirmed remedial work was planned but only in the car park area.