‘I’m not claiming my £285,000 winnings’


A Spalding pensioner isn’t going to claim his £285,000 winnings on something calling itself the European Postcode Lottery because he’s convinced it’s a scam.

Colin Tuffs received his award notification letter this morning (Tuesday) – which was a big surprise because he hadn’t even entered the draw.

He said: “I suppose they are targeting old age pensioners because I am 75.”

The letter says there will be a one per cent charge paid to the claims company for processing his win, which would amount to £2,850 in Colin’s case, but he’s not going to call the number on the letter.

Colin, a retired machinery salesman for the construction industry, said: “I just wanted you to warn your readers.”

He said he could “use £285,000” if it came his way.

“I would put it in my back pocket because I am from Yorkshire,” he said.

Colin, from Helmsley Way, says he’s checked with near neighbours and none of them has received a similar letter but he suspects some people who receive them will be taken in and could end up being scammed. The letter says the award resulted from a tax free draw from a computer ballot system drawn from more than 3,000,000 people worldwide.