‘I’ll stand up for what is right’ says man at centre of Coningsby housing battle

The Coningsby resident looks out over fields which he says will soon be built on
The Coningsby resident looks out over fields which he says will soon be built on

Neighbours and a national veteran’s association have rallied behind a man who was branded a “menace” after opposing a housing scheme.

The man, who has asked not to be named, has led the fight to stop hundreds of new homes being built in Coningsby.

He claims developments could effectively double the size of the village, putting untold pressure on already over-stretched services

One of his main ‘targets’ is Chestnut Homes, who hit back at his claims in a recent article in the Horncastle News.

Chestnut’s managing director David Newton said the man was a menace and the company had turned to police and East Lindsey District Council to protect their work staff.

They confirmed they had effectively banned the man from their land.

That, in turn, led to claims by the man that he was a prisoner in his own home.

Despite failing health, he said he is determined to carry on his campaign.

He was backed by neighbours who have said he is “standing up for the future of the village.”

The man - a former soldier - has also received support from the National Serviceman’s Association.

He said he has called in police after being verbally abused by contractors who called him and his family “benefit scroungers.”

He has also contacted Lincolnshire County Council to complain about the number of HGVs using Milson Close to access a new housing development.

He has handed an email to the News - sent by the County Council - who admit they share his concerns.

They have asked him to monitor the number of lorries.

In another twist, the man said he has ‘cast iron’ proof that developers are planning additional phases of new housing in the area.

He claims companies are building in phases to avoid problems with planning permission for large scale developments.

The man said: “I have been called a menace which is rubbish. Apparently, I’m only doing this because I wanted a new drive. Again, rubbish.

“A lot of families and old people live around here. The extra traffic will be a nightmare.

“If they build where I think they will, they will double the size of Coningsby. They will ruin it.

“Where will people go to school? Where will they get treatment from doctors and dentists? They’re already full.”

One neighbour said the man had been physically threatened and called on builders to stop their “bully boy tactics” against a disabled ex-serviceman.