HSE hardens stance as potato harvest inspections in Lincolnshire continue

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Latest news EMN-170707-132416001

Farmers in Lincolnshire putting themselves and their workers’ health and safety in jeopardy throughout the potato harvest will be held accountable, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has today warned.

HSE inspectors have been visiting farms across the county that are harvesting potatoes across the country, providing safety advice and guidelines. However, recent events show farmers and workers are still not managing the risks they face, creating undue risk to their own and their workers’ health and safety.

For those farmers failing to adequately plan harvesting activities or manage risk, HSE has warned it will use its full powers to hold them accountable in line with health and safety legislation.

The regulator has sharpened its focus in light of the death of an agricultural engineer who was working on a potato harvester when the incident occurred. The investigation is in its very early stages but the circumstances surrounding the incident will form part of the investigation.

HSE’s head of agriculture, Rick Brunt, said: “We are committed to ensuring all remain safe during the harvesting season through our ongoing programme of inspections. We’re encouraging farmers to do all they can to manage the risks during the potato harvest and reduce the likelihood of incidents.

“There is an abundance of free resources on the HSE website that farmers and workers can refer to, to ensure they’re compliant with the law. We would like to remind all employers of their legal obligation to comply with health and safety law as one poor decision could have life-changing implications.”