How regulars exposed ‘Team Google’ in village pub quiz

The photograph that lead to the ban.
The photograph that lead to the ban.

This is the photograph (right) that sparked ructions in leafy Woodhall Spa.

It’s quintessential England ...the only thing that usually ruffles feathers is who has the best stripes in their lawn.

For months, regulars at The Mall pub competed in a weekly quiz - and raised hundreds of pounds for good causes.

Spa resident Rob Ayling and his partner Sandy Huskisson are among the regular quizzers.

They describe the competition among the dozen or so teams as ‘friendly’.

Rob says: “ There was a lot of banter and the winners always received a round of applause. It’s a good night out.”

All that changed when a new team - quickly dubbed ‘Team Google’ by regulars - started winning... by big margins.

As suspicion mounted, Rob andSandy took this image of one of the newcomers allegedly using a mobile phone - which were supposedly banned - and writing the answer.

The result? A complaint to the pub owner and the newcomers were soon told they were not welcome.

The story has made national headlines but regulars can’t understand all the fuss.

As Rob explains: “Most of the village is still talking about it but the first prize was only a round of drinks - less than 20 quid.”