Horncastle woman,78, takes the plunge for charity funds

Carla Temprell takes the plunge EMN-150917-212839001
Carla Temprell takes the plunge EMN-150917-212839001

How would you celebrate your birthday? A family dinner, a big party... or jumping out of a plane?

Carla Temprell decided it was the plane option for her - just four days before her 79th birthday.

“It was terrifying especially the initial whirling round,” said Carla. “Terrifying- but wonderful.

“It was so quiet and fantastic seeing the countryside below before landing standing up. I can’t believe I have done it.”

She admits the hardest part was climbing into the plane, where there was not much room for the five solo jumpers and two tandems to sit.

The four solos went first, but the fifth changed their mind.

But there was no change of heart for Carla, as she was raising funds for Horncastle Memory Club, which is now self-funding, and ESCAYP (Emotional Support for Children and Young People).

With a partner harnessed to her back, they jumped from the plane, at first whirling round and round freefalling for 15,000 feet before the parachute was released.

To date she has raised £960 to be shared between her chosen causes, but anyone else who would like to acknowledge Carla’s daredevil feat can send a donation to her at Cherry Lodge, High Hameringham, Horncastle, LN9 6PF.

So, with the parachute jump ticked off her to do list, how will she be celebrating her 80th birthday next year?

“I intend to take another zip-wire trip in Wales,” she said. “But this time it will be sitting down unlike the one I did two years ago - and it will be for 10 kilometres this time.”