Horncastle residents to have say on massive town development tonight, Tuesday

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Residents in Horncastle will have the chance tonight (Tuesday June 2) to discover more about one of the town’s biggest ever proposed housing developments.

Crowders will outline their plans for 500 new homes off Lincoln Road at a meeting of the Town Council’s planning committee.

Members of the public can attend the meeting which will be held in the Conference Hall at the Fortuna Business Centre, Mareham Road (7.30pm).

Robert Crowder will speak at the meeting and outline details of the scheme.

Apart from the homes, the plans include a new garden centre, an “extra-care” facility, access improvements and a comprehensive drainage system.

Mr Crowder had already stressed the need for Horncastle to develop and says the houses would enable him to invest in the garden centre business, creating more jobs.

He also says the new drainage system would help ease flooding concerns in the area.

The proposals have attracted opposition from residents and councillors who are concerned about the size of the development.

They believe it would put added pressure on the town’s already over-stretched infrastructure, including schools and the NHS.

Critics also claim that the scheme could mean more than 1,000 new homes could be built in the town.

Tonight’s agenda also includes an amended application by the Brackenbury Trust for 75 homes off Brackenbury Close.