Horncastle residents reveal flooding fears

Worst case scenario - a mock up what Horncastle residents fear
Worst case scenario - a mock up what Horncastle residents fear

Horncastle is facing a major flood disaster, unless firm action is taken to halt major new housing developments and improve the town’s antiquated drains.

The News understands a number of vulnerable properties - including homes in the Prospect Street area - came close to flooding in a flash storm earlier this month.

One man contacted the News to say his elderly parents were “scared to death” as they watched flood water lap up to their front door.

The man said he “could not believe” there were plans for 350 new homes on nearby Langton Hill, which he claimed would put even more strain on the drainage system.

The News can also reveal developers have submitted an application for 58 homes on a Lincoln Road site which is owned by Tesco.

Documents show the developers - Leicester based Westleigh Developments - plan to use existing drainage.

Town mayor, Councillor Sandra Campbell-Wardman, admitted she shared the flooding fears of residents.

She said: “These new housing developments are a big concern. Horncastle needs to develop but in a controlled manner and only when the proper infrastructure is in place - roads, doctors, schools and especially drainage.

“The current drains are out-of-date. We can’t just keep tapping into them, thinking they will cope. It is asking for trouble.

“We’re not just talking about two or three homes. It’s hundreds, if all the applications go ahead.”

There is a multi-million pound scheme to build flood defences to the north of Horncastle and a new ‘relief pump’ was installed on the River Bain, but residents are calling for urgent improvements to the town’s drains, describing the current system as a “disaster waiting to happen.”