Horncastle residents back action on poor parking

A car parked on double yellow lines in Horncastle
A car parked on double yellow lines in Horncastle

Residents in Horncastle have backed proposals to crack down on inconsiderate parking in the town and called for stronger action to enforce any regulations.

The News revealed last month that double yellow lines could be extended in High Street and a ‘problem’ parking bay removed in West Street.

The proposals still have to be approved by the county council and follow talks between the authority and Horncastle Police.

The idea is to improve the flow of traffic through the town centre - particularly at busy times of the day - and stop jams building up.

Mum of two Patricia White welcomed the move and said it would make the High Street a lot safer.

She told the News: “I’ve got a toddler and a baby in a push chair and it can be a nightmare walking along the pavement in the High Street.

“People park all over the place - especially delivery vans.

“I can appreciate the drivers have a job to do but they could be more considerate to pedestrians.

“I often have to step into the main road which is dangerous for me and my kids.

“There could easily be an accident.”

Alan Baxter, of Horncastle, also welcomed the proposals

He said one of the most annoying things was people parking on zig-zag lines near the pedestrian crossing in High Street to use cash machines.

He added: “Sometimes, there are two or three cars parked in that area and they don’t give a thought about anyone else.

“They’re often parked right next to the crossing so it makes it difficult for people to see what is coming. There’s an accident waiting to happen.

“If I need to use the cash points, I’ll pay to park and then walk.

“If we all stopped on the yellow lines, we’d be in a pickle.

“What we need is a few more tickets handed out. That would stop people.

“It’s not just youngsters either. I’ve seen OAP’s pull up and cause havoc. There’s the bus stop there as well. Sometimes, busses have to double park.”

Sarah Thompson, of Louth Road, said there were often snarl ups on West Street, especially at the start and finish of the school day.

She said: “I walk along West Street most days and it’s very rare you don’t see someone parked on either the yellow lines or on the pavement. Parents dropping kids off are often the biggest culprits.”

Police say they do check the town on a regular basis and stress a new campaign inviting residents to contact them with details of inconsiderate parking has been a success. On- road enforcement is the responsibility of wardens from the county council.