Horncastle Police promise extra patrols


Horncastle Police have pledged to step up patrols at the town’s football club.

It follows reports of vandalism at the club’s ground on The Wong.

On one night last week, nets were cut at one end of the ground, along with a rope that surrounds the pitch.

Club officials have described the vandalism as “mindless.”

PCSO Nigel Wass said the damage was particularly disappointing as the club was doing so much to help the local community.

Meanwhile, police have appealed for people to park their vehicles with more consideration on Bowl Alley Lane.

The area is particularly busy at certain time of the day because two schools - Horncastle Primary and St Lawrence - are in the immediate vicinity.

Police say they have received complaints about inconsiderate parking.

They add they are working with traffic enforcement officers from Lincolnshire County Council - who are responsible for on street perking - in an attempt to solve any issues.

*Anyone with information on any of the above topis can contact Crimestoppers on 0800555111 or PCSO Wass on 07939 312724.