Horncastle History and Heritage Society to hold ‘fascinating’ talk on Katherine Synford

Bolingbroke Castle.
Bolingbroke Castle.

Chrissie Chapman will deliver what promises to be a fascinating talk on Katherine Synford at the next meeting of the Horncastle History and Heritage Society.

Katherine Swynford (1350-1403) was married to Hugh Swynford, an English Knight from Kettlethorpe, Lincolnshire, with whom she had three children.

She was called to Bolingbroke Castle to help nurse John of Gaunt’s wife Blanche through an outbreak of the Black Death.

This is where she first met John of Gaunt, at one time, the most powerful man in England.

An affair started after Blanche’s death and after Hugh Swynford’s death in France, she moved in with John of Gaunt and had four children.

They were later married in Lincoln Cathedral and her descendants went on to found the great Tudor dynasty.

A spokeswoman for the society said: If people want to find out more about this fascinating woman and follow her amazing life story during this turbulent time in history, please come and listen to Chrissie.”

The talk will be held next Wednesday at 7.30pm at Watsons Infant School on West Street. Non-members £3. Refreshments available.

If you wishes to reserve a place, ring Mary Silverton on 523091.