Horncastle centurion is now saving up for his wife’s 100th!

Bill Rainthorpe with his wife Doreen at Tanglewood
Bill Rainthorpe with his wife Doreen at Tanglewood

It was party time at the Tanglewood Care Home in Horncastle as resident Bill Rainthorpe celebrated his 100th birthday.

Mr Rainthorpe and his wife Doreen, aged 95, enjoyed a party with more than 30 family members and friends.

Guests included their two daughters who travelled from Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire along with their two granddaughters and four great-grandsons.

Born in Aswell Street, Louth - just days before the end of the First World War - Mr Rainthorpe has lived and worked in Horncastle since the age of three.

He met his wife during a social event in South Wales during the Second World War.

They married in 1945, and recently celebrated their 73rd anniversary.

Mr Rainthorpe says he’s now ‘saving up’ for his wife’s 100th birthday!

The couple lived in Beoley House - off Bowl Alley Lane - where Mr Rainthorpe farmed more than six acres.

He never missed a day’s work until he was into his 90s, when a fall left him with a broken hip.

Mr Rainthorpe added: “We kept cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys.

“I can remember dressing the turkeys before Christmas and delivering them.

“Farming was hard work, but I loved it.”

Mr Rainsthorpe says he still misses the early morning starts.

He said: “I’ve never been ill and never taken a tablet in my life.”

He says ‘hard work’ is the key to his longevity. Another key is the fact that he and his wife have ‘always helped and supported each other’.

They laugh at the suggestion it was ‘love at first sight’ with Mrs Rainthorpe adding: “He kept knocking on our front door....he wouldn’t take no for an answer!”

The couple have lived at Tanglewood for six years and say the standard of care is ‘excellent.’ Pride of place in their room is a 100th birthday card signed by the Queen.

Mr Rainthorpe is kept busy these days reading books on the history of farming, while his wife knits clothing for premature babies.