Horncastle campaign group to hold meeting on Neighbourhood Development Plan

The 'No' campaign's poster ahead of their public meeting next month.
The 'No' campaign's poster ahead of their public meeting next month.

A campaign group - calling for a no vote on Horncastle’s Neighbourhood Development Plan (HNDP) - is planning to hold a public meeting.

A referendum will be held on April 14 when residents will be have the opportunity to vote ‘Yes’ or “No” in respect of the plan being adopted.

The campaign group says the present HNDP does not deal with land allocation within the town or on the outskirts.

They claim that leaves Horncastle open to potential housing, commercial and industrial development.

The campaigners add that if the plan is adopted, it cannot be used to reject or approve future planning applications.

A spokesman said: “Due to this omission, should a “yes” vote prevail, it will be ELDC who will be allocating land within the town and outskirts; local people will not have any say or control.

“A no vote for the HNDP will get these issues debated and addressed for the long term protection of Horncastle.

“The question in the referendum will be posed as follows: ‘Do you want East Lindsey District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Horncastle to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?’

“Vote no. If the HNDP is approved then the town will be saddled with little control over these major planning issues for the next 15 years.”

The spokesman added a public meeting will be held in the week prior to the HNDP referendum to allow the public to ask questions about the plan - and how it will affect the town and their lives.

He said: “This will enable them to make an informed decision on how to vote.”

The debate comes amid mounting concern about the number of large scale developments either already or approved or in the pipeline for Horncastle.