Horncastle businessman waiting to hear from friend after Bangkok bombing

Phil Cantwell
Phil Cantwell

A Horncastle restaurant owner is hoping a friend was away on holiday and will have escaped the horrors of Monday’s Bangkok bombing.

Phil Cantwell, 54, who owns the award-winning Thai Dining Room in West Street, has managed to track down a number of friends who own businesses close to the scene of the bombing which claimed more than 20 lives and injured more than 120 others.

However, he has been unable to contact a female friend who runs a business six streets away from the location of the bomb.

Mr Cantwell says he thinks that’s because the woman is on holiday in the Philippines with her husband.

Mr Cantwell said: “It is worrying time but I’m fairly confident she is away on holiday.

“She was due to fly out to the Philippines earlier this month.

“The internet is not great in the Philippines and that’s probably why I’m struggling to get hold of her.

“Hopefully, other members of her family will be able to contact here.”

Mr Cantwell, who lives in Woodhall Spa, spent a year in Thailand in 2009 where he trained to be a chef.

His concerns about his friend were heightened after the Foreign Office confirmed a British woman was among the dead.

Mr Cantwell said it was a ‘huge relief’ to speak to his other friends and discover they are safe.