Horncastle business joins fight to beat cancer

Macmillan boost: Old Stables owners Chris Wilkinson (left) and  Jonathan White
Macmillan boost: Old Stables owners Chris Wilkinson (left) and Jonathan White

Owners of a Horncastle coffee house are determined to help kick cancer into touch after revealing the heartache it has caused them.

Jonathan White and Chris Wilkinson, owners of the Market Place-based Old Stables, have organised an event as part of the ‘World’s Biggest Coffee Morning’ to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mr White revealed they were determined to stage a successful event because of their recent experiences of cancer.

Mr White revealed a close friend and key member of their business ‘team’ had died from the disease earlier this year.

He confirmed one of their closest friends - a single parent - was also battling cancer.

And, he said his mother was the first female member of his immediate family to reach the age of 35 - because of cancer.

Mr White said: “Cancer is evil - an indiscriminate killer. No-one is safe.

“We have seen first hand the agony and the heartache it can cause.

“We wanted to do something about it.

“Macmillan - and all the other charities - do an absolutely fantastic job and we wanted to be part of it.

“The message has got to be - let’s kick cancer in the ass.”

Mr White said he and Mr Wilkinson were “heartbroken” when a friend and business associate lost her battle against cancer in March.

He added: “She was a graphic artist and was involved in the Old Stables from the start.

“She was very brave. She fought breast cancer and at one stage she thought she had beaten it.

“Then it came back and took her life.”

He went on to reveal a close friend was battling cancer.

He added: “She is a single parent and again, she is fighting it. What’s happened just shows no-one is safe - no-one is invincible.”

*The coffee morning will be held at the Old Stables on September 26 from 10am-12 noon. There will be free cake and special boxes to make a donation.