Hemingby is site for new flood defences

An image from the planning application showing the location of the embankment marked in green
An image from the planning application showing the location of the embankment marked in green

The first details of a multi-million pound scheme that could help end the flooding misery for Horncastle residents have been revealed.

The £8.8m scheme will be based on farmland off Green Lane in Hemingby - close to Watermill Farm.

It will feature a 720-metre long embankment which will be five metres high and have a 4m wide ‘crest’.

Details of the project are contained in a planning application drawn up by the Environment Agency and submitted to East Lindsey District Council.

The entire site - which will create a new wetland area - covers 26.8 hectares and involves two existing arable fields.

It is understood negotiations are taking place with owners of the land.

Residents in Hemingby will have a chance to discuss the proposals at a Parish Council meeting in the village hall on Tuesday May 14.

Although the site is well-away from the actual village centre, it is understood some residents have expressed concerns about the visual impact of the embankment - and the increase in traffic during the construction phase which is expected to take eight months.

The project is a multi-agency approach which also involves East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, Horncastle Town Council, the Witham Drainage Board and Anglian Water.

Essentially, the River Bain will be channelled through the embankment.

In times of heavy rain, potential flood water will be held back and allowed to create new holding lakes.

The application makes it clear there is no threat to properties in the area.

Once the heavy rain has stopped - and the threat of flooding receded - the water will be allowed to drain back into the river.

Apart from protecting Horncastle, the scheme will offer relief to residents living in vulnerable villages lower down the Bain, including Haltham and Kirkby on Bain.

In a report accompanying the planning application, the Environment Agency said the embankment will be landscaped.

The Agency is also planning to plant new trees and protect wildlife - including water voles .

The application was due to be discussed by Horncastle Town Council’s planning committee last night (Tuesday).