The cost of waste medicines to NHS in East Lindsey

The cost of wasted medicine in East Lindsey
The cost of wasted medicine in East Lindsey
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Waste medicines worth £16,000 were returned to East Lindsey GP practices in a three month period last year, new figures reveal.

The figures are based on returns between March 1 and May 31 but the total for the year could be close to £70,000, if the pattern remained the same.

In the News’ area, the largest sum was recorded by the Coningsby Surgery (£1,929.83).

The figure for Wragby was £1,366.98 and £1,284.04 for the Tetford-based Wolds Practice.

The value of returned medicines at Horncastle was £608.58.

District-wide, two of the largest figures recorded were at North Thoresby (£3,049.12) and the Newmarket Practice in Louth (£2,915.88).

Drug and medicine waste is a huge issue for the NHS. Over the course of a year it is estimated that £300 million worth of medicines were returned to GP practices and pharmacies across England. In Lincolnshire, £5 million of waste medicines were returned. Doctors say there are various reasons for medicines being returned.