South Wold Nursing home is ‘Loving and caring’

South Wold Care Home Tetford
South Wold Care Home Tetford

A patient at an under fire Tetford nursing home has described it as “happy, warm, loving and caring” and said: “I would not want to be anywhere else.”

Owners and staff at the South Wolds Nursing Home were lambasted by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

A hard hitting report from the CQC delivered a damning verdict on the home and called for improvements after inspectors discovered a raft of failings, including patients being left in soiled beds.

However, patient Elaine Minchin has hit back and launched a stirring defence of the home.

In an exclusive interview with the News, she said: “I can’t understand how anyone can attack an establishment like this.

“It’s so happy, warm, loving and caring. The CQC were picking as many holes as they possibly could.

“I have not come across anyone who has a bad word to say about South Wold. I am happier here than I have been anywhere else.

“The whole atmosphere is caring and loving. It (the care) is based on love. I know that sounds sloppy but that is how it is.

“I am more than happy here. I would not want to be anywhere else.”

Mrs Minchin was backed by relatives and staff who came forward after the News last published details of the report.

Several relatives and staff hit out at the News for publishing the article and called on the newspaper to apologise to Nursing Home owner Shailen Munnien and his staff.

They also hit out at the CQC and accused the organisation of having a hidden agenda against the Nursing Home.

Peter Wilkinson: “If it’s so serious, as alleged by the CQC, why they didn’t they contact us (the residents)?

“My mother has been here four years. When she came, we gave her about two months. Because of the care she received here, she’s in as good a health a 98 year old woman could be.

“I don’t recognise anything in the CQC report. There are certain things but it is administration.

“My wife and I would rather have my mother in good care where she is happy than in some cold, clinical establishment.”

Cath Cowling said she and her husband had been patients at the home and labelled the care they had received as “wonderful.”

She explained: “Sadly, my husband died in December from prostate cancer but they were wonderful to him and to me too.

“When I was first admitted, I was told I would never walk again. However, I was walking within a couple of days.

“When I told one of the inspectors, I heard her say to someone that she didn’t believe me. I said she was calling me a liar. I did inform my solicitor but he said let it go for the time being.

“The report is absolute rubbish. My husband did have an accident in bed but it was changed immediately.”

Husband and wife Frank and Cynthia Speake said their relative was lucky to be an such a caring environment as South Wold.

Mrs Speake said: “When she says she is happy here, she is speaking from the heart. No where is perfect. No-one is perfect, including the CQC but we wouldn’t want her to be anywhere else.

Mr Speake claimed an anonymous complaint had triggered the investigation and said the CQC had a “hidden agenda.”

Another relative, Linda Strange, added: “My mum has been her for eight years. Perhaps the owners aren’t 
hot on a paperwork and systems could have been put in place but caring is their priority.

“The CQC could have prepared people for this report. It was very difficult see this in a newspaper. It was very cold.”