NHS accused of ‘veil of secrecy’ over cuts

Colin Mair - won't be silenced over possible cuts at Pilgrim Hospital
Colin Mair - won't be silenced over possible cuts at Pilgrim Hospital

UKIP‘s Colin Mair has accused the NHS of throwing a “veil of secrecy” over possible cuts at Boston Pilgrim Hospital.

The Tattershall Castle County Councillor spoke out in the News about threats to the future of A&E and maternity departments.

The matter was discussed at a County Council meeting and although Coun Mair was not identified, he believes other councillors were blaming him for spreading “scurrilous rumours”.

He said: “It is a disgrace the NHS are operating under a veil of secrecy and we will only find out what their decision is when it is too late.

“Given the recent history of closures and downgrading of A&E Departments we are right to guess the worst.

“It was reported that people could be frightened by these scurrilous statements, thus implying that we have no right to speculate or even speak.

“The fact is Boston Pilgrim operating budget has more than doubled to more than £111 million a year. NHS Lincolnshire is making 
losses of more than three times this and they have to reduce these.

“It was said that certain local politicians are simply trying to make political capital by inflaming the situation. Political capital? No!

“We have 77 county councillors and 300 district councillors in Lincolnshire, If we can’t shout out for our communities what is the point of having any councillors?”