Families call on Sir Peter Tapsell to help keep Tetford nursing home open

South Wold Care Home Tetford ENGEMN00120140121090117
South Wold Care Home Tetford ENGEMN00120140121090117

Battle lines have been drawn in a desperate attempt to secure the future of a Tetford nursing home which is apparently under the increasing threat of closure.

Angry relatives accused the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of having a “hidden agenda” against the Southwold Nursing Home.

Earlier this year, the CQC issued a damning report on standards at the home following an inspection.

Relatives have hit back and listed a long list of complaints about the CQC.

They have turned to local MP Sir Peter Tapsell in a bid to win his support to keep the home open.

He has pledged to write to the CQC, outlining the anger and concern of relatives, but stressed he is not qualified to judge whether the criticisms in the CQC report were correct or not.

Sir Peter, who revealed his mother had been a resident at Southwold several years ago, said: “The people who came to see me are very indignant and say their relatives are very happy and very well looked after and that the criticisms in the CQC report were only on minor technicalities. They tell me any mistakes have been put right.

“They are angry about the threat the home could be closed in three weeks, or something like that. What will they do with their relatives?

“The owner (of the nursing home) is appealing and the people I saw are sending a petition to the CQC which will be signed by relatives of all 16 residents.

“They think the idea of closing it is absolutely disgraceful.

“I am not in a position to judge these things. I have never had any dealings with the CQC.

“One assumes it is run by professional, trained medical people and if they are contemplating closing this nursing home, you would think they will have very good reasons for doing so.

“All I can do is write to the CQC and point out how disappointed and angry these people are.

“The CQC will send their reply. I will send that on to the relatives and if they are unhappy, they will hand me a jointly signed letter which I will send to the Minister of Health.

“It is a very unhappy situation. I can’t give instructions to the CQC. I am a backbench MP. I have no executive powers.”

The CQC has not made any comment.