Evicted couple say their world has fallen apart after leaving Edlington home

Robert Finlay outside the bungalow.
Robert Finlay outside the bungalow.

An elderly couple have thanked neighbours who​ ​organised a campaign to help them avoid eviction from their rented home.

​Robert and Denise Finlay had lived in their bungalow, Field View, Edlington, for seven years.

The bungalow is owned by Beeswax Dyson Farming Ltd and was rented by Mr and Mrs Finlay on a rolling month to month contract.

Under the terms of the agreement, the landlords (Beeswax Dyson) could terminate the agreement with two month’s notice and Mr and Mrs Finlay one month, b​ut the couple had hoped to stay in the bungalow after spending ‘thousands’ on the garden and settling in the area.​

O​n June 29, Mr Finlay (69) - who is registered disabled - brought his 63-year-old wife home from hospital after she had suffered a massive stroke.

Waiting for them was a letter from the Head of Property for Beeswa​x Dyson which​ stated the company was serving formal notice on Mr and Mrs Finlay to quit.

The letter explained that: “The need to terminate the tenancy has arisen purely as a result of the ongoing expansion of the farm and the need to provide accommodation for staff.”

The couple say they were ‘devastated’.

Mr Finlay told the News: “I walked through the door and just saw the envelope on the floor.

“When I opened it and read the letter, I sat down and cried.

“We never expected it. We thought we could live here for as long as we wanted.

“It was our dream home....the home we’d planned to spend the rest of our lives together in.

“In those few minutes, it felt like our world just fell apart.”

Mr Finley says the couple had spent ‘thousands’ on the property, transforming the garden into a sea of colour.

He adds they ‘loved’ Edlington with many of their neighbours becoming trusted and valued friends.

They had also just spent hundreds of pounds on heating oil.

After hearing about the eviction letter, many residents formed an unofficial Action Group, writing to Dyson Beeswax and calling on the company to ‘think again’.

Mr and Mrs Finlay’s daughter also contacted Beeswax Dyson, informing them of her mum’s serious health condition.

The company quickly lifted the threat of immediate eviction and then offered a new two year contract.

However, Mr and Mrs Finlay say they felt they could no longer stay at the property.

They have secured a new home in Derbyshire, close to other family members. They moved in earlier this month.

A spokesperson for Dyson Beeswax Farming: “Our original intention in terminating the tenancy agreement was to use the property to house our employees taking up new jobs in the area as a result of our farm expansion.

“However, when we heard of Mrs Finlay’s illness we immediately withdrew the notice to terminate the tenancy.

“We replaced it straight away with a new, standard two year tenancy agreement that put the Finlays’ welfare first, before that of any business interests.

“We have subsequently been informed that the Finlays wish to move closer to other members of their family so will be vacating the property.”