Brave Pam is fighting fit after cancer scare

Pam Statford  with the duty manager at Horncastle Pool and Fitness Suite Ash Broom. Photo: Supplied.
Pam Statford with the duty manager at Horncastle Pool and Fitness Suite Ash Broom. Photo: Supplied.

A brave breast cancer survivor is praising staff at Horncastle’s Pool and Fitness Suite for helping her fight her way back to health.

Pam Statford, 52, of Salmonby, moved from her native Essex with her husband Chris two years ago, after her shock diagnosis changed their plans.

The couple had decided upon the Lincolnshire Wolds as their retirement destination some time earlier and had already bought their home.

Initially, they were planning to rent it out for a few more years before settling in the area themselves.

However, Pam, who was working for the Ford Motor Company in Essex, received the biggest health shock of her life.

She attended a routine breast cancer screening service – something which is offered to women when they reach the age of 50.

Pam recalls: “I had absolutely no idea there was anything wrong until I went along for that check and then of course you go through a period of blaming yourself for not spotting something earlier.

“It turned my life upside-down.”

Following the news, the couple brought their retirement forward.

They moved to Salmonby as Pam recovered from two operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Treatment had left one side of her upper body weak and, with a GP’s referral, she attended Magna Vitae’s Horncastle Pool and Fitness Suite, which has just undergone at £130,000 gym refurbishment.

She added: “The staff really helped me and were so friendly.

“They sorted me out with a plan and motivated me – suggesting things that I could do to improve my fitness, especially on my left side which had been affected by the operations.

“Everything is fine now, I have finished my treatment – but I certainly won’t stop coming here.

“I would also like to urge other women to attend screenings as I really did not know there was anything wrong.”

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