Ambulance chiefs warning: Think twice before calling 999

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East Midlands Ambulance Service is appealing to residents in Lincolnshire to think twice before dialing 999 as demand for the service is set to rise during the winter months.

EMAS is currently preparing for another busy winter and the service is asking the public to consider using other healthcare services rather than dialing 999 to free the service for genuinely life-threatening illnesses and injuries.

Director of Operations Richard Henderson said: “Due to the increasing number of calls we receive during the winter months it puts the service under increased pressure and makes it more difficult for us to ensure we reach all of those people calling for emergency medical treatment quickly.

“While EMAS has strategic plans in place to help manage the additional demand winter brings, people with minor illnesses and injuries should consider the variety of other NHS healthcare services available to them for advice and treatment for non-emergencies and less serious conditions.

“999 is for life-threatening emergencies only and if you use this number unnecessarily you’re delaying our response to those who desperately need us.”