Hayden, 7, is gearing up for BMX success for BMX

Hayden Blackburn, 7
Hayden Blackburn, 7

A Horncastle youngster is establishing a big name for himself as a BMX racer- at the age of just seven.

And if you think that’s young, his three-year-old sister is also showing promise on two-wheels.

Hayden Blackburn is in the top 25 of the national rankings.

One of his biggest fans is sister Gracie who is hardly a slow coach when it comes to two-wheels.

Hayden, a pupil at the town’s primary school, will compete in the British Championships in Manchester over the Bank Holiday weekend.

BMX is a fast, furious and at times physical sport but Hayden admits he relishes the thrills - if not the spills.

He said: “It’s brilliant. I love it. I’ve fallen off a few times and it hurts a bit but I’m never scared. I just get back on my bike and start again.”

Super-fast courses feature jumps and tricky bends. Competitors have to battle each other for pole position.

Hayden, who started making an impact in regional and national competitions last year, has done extra training ahead of the championships.

He regularly travels to a BMX track at North Walsham for practice and also does training rides with dad, Andy.

Andy said: “Hayden loves BMX and while he’s happy doing it, we’re happy to encourage him.

“I think his mum has her head in her hands at some of his races but it’s no more dangerous than any other sport.

“Hayden has all the protect ive gear. It can be competitive - even at the age of seven - and there are a few bumps and stuff but it doesn’t bother him.

“It’s great that he enjoys his sport and let’s face it, it’s better than playing computer games all day.

“While he’s haoppy, we’re happy but we’d never force him to do anything.”

The family have high hopes Hayden will continue to climb the regional and national rankings.

It is a an expensive sport with even second-hand frames for special BMX bikes costing hundreds of pounds. They also clock up the miles taking Harden - and Gracie - to competitions all over the country.

Mum and dad are happy to fund his career but admit they would welcome any sponsorship..

The sport made its debut at the London Olympics in and Hayden would love to represent his country... when he’s a bit older.

And his sister? “She’s just started,” said Hayden. “She’s a bit wobbly but she’s only three!”