Goulceby Parish council

Village News EMN-151118-093721001
Village News EMN-151118-093721001

The draft budget was considered at the last meeting of Asterby and Goulceby Parish Council.

After amendments were approved, the council agreed a precept of £1,600.

The parish precept was increased to cover the cost of doubling the salary for the new clerk to cover the extra hours involved with meetings now held monthly.

They had previously been arranged bi-monthly and the former clerk, Alice Hodgson, who was attending her last meeting as clerk, had increased her voluntary working hours to avoid extra expense for the parishes.

During the public session, a resident asked the council to take care when setting the precept due to the financial situation and also raised the possibility of Asterby and Goulceby following the route taken by Ranby and returning to a parish meeting.

He suggested a parish meeting should be arranged to allow parishioners to have a full debate on the issues involved and, if necessary, he had six local electors who were willing to do this.

The chairman of the Ranby parish meeting, a former member of the council when the parishes were grouped together, had offered to attend and explain how it worked for them.

In order to pay insurance costs, councillors approved a suggestion for money to be transferred from the earmarked fund set aside to help provide amenities in the parishes.

If the county council agreement for extra cuts to the grass verges was cancelled, the cost of this would also be transferred from the amenities fund.