Good turnout and ‘good prices’ at Horncastle area Land Auction

Standing room only was all that was left at the auction of three lots of arable land at Hameringham on Thursday (March 23).

The sale followed the decision of Tony Brice Smith to retire from farming.

His father and grandfather had farmed this land before him. In fact the family has farmed in the area since the 1700s and in this parish since the 1850s.

There was strong interest from local neighbours and although each of the three lots was

sold to a difference buyer, each was bought by a neighbour.

Auctioneer Robert Bell of Robert Bell & Company reminded the assembled gathering that

neighbouring land does not come onto the market very often.

He was aware from local sale last year that there was strong interest and knowing buyers are often averse to tender, was the reason it was recommended to offer the land for sale by auction.

Mr Bell believes this was the correct decision in the circumstances and buyers could bid

openly and genuinely knowing the highest bid would be final.

In the event, despite the current air of despondency in farming, good prices were achieved as follows:-

Church Field, High Hameringham (8.99 acres) achieved £86,000, Poplar Farm, Low Hameringham (63.78 acres) achieved £652,000 and Mill Farm, Low Hameringham (29.13 acres) achieved £300,000.