Georgina grabs a Judo first for Horncastle

Georgina grabs a first for Horncastle
Georgina grabs a first for Horncastle

In an idea world, most 23-year-old women would probably want a flash car for their birthday, or an all-expenses paid holiday to New York... champagne included.

Not Georgina Grayson.

All she wanted was her brown belt in judo.

Her wish came true as she celebrated her 23rd birthday by becoming the first female with Down’s Syndrome registered with the British Judo Association to secure a prestigious brown belt.

And Georgina, who lives near Horncastle, is not about to rest on her laurels.

She has set her sights on securing a black belt - the highest grade possible - and also wants to teach youngsters at Horncastle Kibo Judo Club.

Not surprisingly, officials and players at the club are proud of Georgina - as are her parents.

Mum Sarah, explained: “It’s absolutely brilliant what Georgina has achieved. We’re all so proud of her.

“She worked so hard for her brown belt and her reaction when she achieved it meant everything.

“She leapt into the air and the smile on her was something we’ll never forget.”

Sarah admits she and her husband accepted Georgina would have limitations because of her condition.

However, she says the way Georgina has approached life should be an inspiration to everyone.

The family put a lot down to Georgina’s incredible commitment to judo and her will to win.

Sarah added: “She is amazing. People will say I’d say that because I’m her mum but we hope that what she has achieved will inspire others.

“It would have been so easy for her to sit back but she is really positive.

“She’s already talking about a black belt - and qualifying to teach children at the club.”

Georgina started judo at the age of four when she went to sessions with older siblings Oliver and Catherine.

The family is full of praise for the support from everyone at the club and especially coaches Paul Dean and Josh Hicks.

And what does Georgina make of it all? “I love judo,” she says, “and I love coming to the club. It’s brilliant.”

Georgina also likes music, dancing and cooking but is happiest when she pulls on her white judo suit.