Funding is “secure” for Horncastle’s new flood defences

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Millions of pounds of funding for a vital flood defence scheme for Horncastle is safe - despite on going fears about massive cuts to local government spending.

Lincolnshire County Council and East Lindsey District Council are major funding providers for the ambitious £8.8m project in the Bain Valley to the north of the town.

There has been speculation that some of the funding could be in doubt.

However, local county councillor Bill Aron and district councillor Fiona Martin have confirmed the all-important money is in place.

Coun Aron told the News: “Until the work actually starts, I am sure there will be rumours, but as far as I am aware there are no problems with any of the funding.”

Coun Martin, chairman of the Horncastle Flood Working Group, confirmed work on the flood relief storage scheme was “on track” to start by March 2015.

She said she had attended a project board meeting in Lincoln where it was revealed tenders for the design - and the actual build contract for the scheme - were due to be finalised this month.

She added that planning permission would be applied for by Christmas - paving the way for the on-site work to start in March.

Coun Martin said discussions with local landowners were “on going” and that the importance of securing the site was emphasised to the project board.

The scheme will also be on the agenda at a forthcoming Horncastle Town Council meeting.

The Town Council has agreed, in principle, to pay for the maintenance of the site.

Apart from the County and District Council, more funding is coming from the Environment Agency, the Town Council and the Witham Third Drainage Board.

In a separate development, the News can reveal work will start on another flood defence project - this time for the River Waring - next month.

The Waring scheme will focus on properties that have flooded in the past.

Those properties will now be eligible for ‘individual’ flood defences.

Funding has come from the Environment Agency.

The Agency has already contacted some property owners who have been identified as eligible for help.

However, the Agency hope others will come forward - once the first phase of the work is actually underway.