From Australia to Donington on Bain - New rector is ready to take big challenge

Reverend Pam Fraser (right) at her induction service at West Ashby.
Reverend Pam Fraser (right) at her induction service at West Ashby.

Most people would be more than happy to leave frozen Britain behind them and head for the sun-kissed shores of Australia.

However, the Reverend Pam Fraser has made the opposite journey.

She has left family and friends ‘Down Under’ to take on a new role - and a new life - as the Rector of Asterby and Hemingby.

It’s a large rural parish, covering 11 ‘centres’ from Wold Newton to Belchford and Baumber.

However, it’s nothing compared to Australia. There, Rev Fraser’s drove for over an hour between churches.

She admits she will particularly miss her three children and 12 grandchildren.

However, she’s already hard at work in her new role - just days after an induction service performed by the Bishop of Lincoln at West Ashby.

Rev Fraser said: “That was very special, even if it was a little unusual having to swear allegiance to Queen Elizabeth.

“You don’t have to do that in Australia.

“The welcome I’ve had has been marvellous and I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more people.

“It is a big challenge. The numbers attending churches is falling. It’s a problem in Australia as well.

“I look at my role as being part of a team. We’ll work hard and see what God can do.”

Rev Fraser was born in Southampton but lived in various countries as her father was in the services.

She settled in Australia and her former husband - she is divorced - was a vicar. She became a vicar in 1998.

Her return to England was prompted by the fact her elderly mother - who lives in Louth - recently moved into a nursing home.

She will live in Donington on Bain and added: “It’s a beautiful area but it is so cold. At least, I don’t have to worry about spiders!”