Friends all set to tackle WW1 cycle marathon

Graham Silverton and Peter Richardson
Graham Silverton and Peter Richardson

Two friends from the Horncastle area will set off on an epic 350-mile cycle ride around Northern France and Belgium next Monday.

Their journey will mark the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War.

Company director Graham Silverton, from Horncastle, and retired emergency 
planning officer Peter Richardson, from Greetham, will set out from Folkestone next Monday.

Folkestone is the town where thousands of young soldiers set off from for the war - only for many, sadly, never to return.

The ride finishes in Paris on Friday August 9.

Mr Silverton and Mr Richardson were serving as Special Constables in Horncastle when they first met 20 years ago.

After completing nearly 50 years of ‘combined’ service - they looked for another common interest, cycling.

The pair bought new bikes and after years on foot they were back in the saddle as serious riders.

Last year, they successfully completed a London to Paris cycle ride.

This year - when the WWl ride was advertised - they jumped at the chance to take part.