Forget Halifax - it’s all about the Last Tango in Hemingby

Tying the knot - Hemingby couple Barry Ramshaw and Jean Hardwick
Tying the knot - Hemingby couple Barry Ramshaw and Jean Hardwick

The old adage that it is never too late to fall in love is set to ring true for Hemingby couple Barry Ramshaw and Jean Hardwick.

They will walk down the aisle at the village parish church next Saturday - at a combined age of 153.

Barry, who will be 80 in the week following the wedding, and Jean (74) first met 23 years ago when they were happily married to their respective partners.

Unfortunately, Barry’s wife and Jean’s husband have since died.

The pair got together and will now tie the knot.

Jean said: “I’m very lucky to have found someone like Barry.

“He’s kind, he’s loving and he’s generous. I think the world of him.”

And Barry is equally as enamoured.

He said “Jean is an amazing woman.

“People keep saying to me they hope the sun will shine next Saturday. I’m not worried because the sun always shines when she is about.”

Jean was born in Lofthouse, West Yorkshire, while Barry hails from County Durham.

Friends, family - and most of Hemingby - will be turning out for the big day.

There will be two receptions at the Admiral Rodney Hotel in Horncastle - one in the afternoon and another in the evening.

The pair - who held a joint Stag and Hen night at the Durham Ox in Thimbleby - will spend a week at home and then head off for a honeymoon in Scotland.

Jean explained: “We booked the holiday before we decided to get married.

“We’re both looking forward to it. Just think, I’ll be Mrs Ramshaw by then. I couldn’t be happier.”

The pair actually met when Mrs Hardwick went to see a Christmas Show at Hemingby village hall. Mr Ramshaw was a member of the cast.

The two couples became friends and met at various village events, including the bowls club.

Their first ‘official’ date was at the George pub in Langworth.

Mrs Hardwick added: “Barry asked me out and I said: “That would be lovely.”

“It’s just blossomed since then.

“Barry’s two great granddaughters will be bridesmaids and his grandson will be a sideman.

“Both families are really happy - and so are we. We can’t wait for the big day.”