Flooding concern in Woodhall

Flooding in the Witham Road/Albany Road area of Woodhall Spa. Picture: Defend Woodhall Spa Facebook page.
Flooding in the Witham Road/Albany Road area of Woodhall Spa. Picture: Defend Woodhall Spa Facebook page.

Residents and business owners in Woodhall Spa have spoken of their ‘panic’ after thunderstorms last Saturday led to flooding in parts of the village.

Several people posted messages and images on the Defend Woodhall Spa Facebook page about the situation in the Witham Road/Albany Road area.

At least one person said floodwater had entered their home.

Most people blamed blocked drains in the area.

Amanda Odling posted: “Has any one got any spare sandbags please, being flooded into our house now - Witham Road.”

Frank Lingard revealed how residents in Albany Road had worked together to prevent flooding.

He posted: “At one point there were about 14 of us working on Albany Road trying to sweep water down an open drain.

“Thankfully two people had pumps.

“Took us around 2.5 hours to get on top of it all. If it had been the middle of the night with the street lights off, I don’t think we would have coped.”

Business owner David Leyland posted an open letter to village county councillor Patricia Bradwell about a ‘near panic situation this evening (Saturday), at our shop premises, VOC Antiques Ltd, 27 Witham Road.’

He added: “If we had not had an emergency plan to board up our shop front door and place sandbags, as protection, we would have been flooded.”

Mr Leyland was one of many people who posted that problems with drainage had been reported to LCC but no action had been taken.

“A reply from Coun Bradwell was posted on the site saying: “I can confirm that the drainage work at the roundabout (Witham Road) in Woodhall is planned for the 14th June. Additional checks on all drains in the village will be arranged. Good news!!!”

Graham Keegan, who set up the Defend Woodhall Spa page after fears of over-development, welcomed the update from Coun Bradwell.

Many people also posted the number of new homes built in the village meant the drainage system could not cope.

There were reports of roads also being flooded in the Horncastle and Coningsby areas.

Michael Thompson told the News: “They were flash floods caused by the storms. It’s a good job the rain stopped when it did otherwise loads of properties would have flooded.”

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