First step on road to historic church refurbishment

Thimbleby Church with no spire
Thimbleby Church with no spire

Thimbleby Church spire has been taken down following an emergency order being issued by the Diocese of Lincoln.

The spire was taken down last week and the tower on St Margaret’s Church will be capped.

The emergency faculty came after a surveyor presented his findings in September of the church spire leaning 2.6 degrees to the south and that the movement had occurred during 2013.

Peter Harper, surveyor and technical consultant to the Thimbleby St Margaret Trust, believed that the structure could collapse at any time and was unlikely to survive the next winter.

The work was carried out by hand and the material removed from the spire has been recorded and stored for possible future use in the restoration of the church in line with English Heritage guidelines.

The Parochial Church Council has the support and financial contributions from the Thimbleby Village Church Council, the Friends of St Margaret’s Church and Thimbleby St Margaret Trust.

St Margaret’s Trust Chairman Robert Holland said: “The spire clearly had to come down because it was unsafe.

“It took a while to get permissions, but if it hadn’t been taken down it was liable to have fallen down and this could have injured someone or even damage the building.

“We need to carry out an assessment inside the building to see what work needs to be carried out and after that we can look at opening up again.

“There’s a huge amount of work to be done. We need to commission a design for a new spire and continuing our fundraising efforts.”

Company Secretary John Parkin said: “We are a long way off being open in the proper sense of the word, but we are hoping we could get people of Thimbleby inside to have a look at the scale of the work that needs to be done as there is no heating or electricity at the moment.”