FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: What’s your fitness goal for 2014?

Fancy running a 10k this year
Fancy running a 10k this year
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Hopefully the healthy lifestyle promise that you made yourself just after Christmas is still fresh in your mind.

I hope you have found a sporting activity that you are comfortable with and enjoy. There are lots of choices on offer at this time of year of course but it is important that you find a class that is suitable for you.

On the subject of fitness and exercise, I have started some new Nordic Walking classes in Horncastle on Wednesdays to compliment the Monday class that runs each Monday from the Petwood Hotel. Both classes start at 9.30am and beginners are welcome.

My aim this year is to break out of the stereotypical Nordic Walking mould so if you want to come along to get fit, stay fit, socialise and/or have a very hard workout then these are the classes for you. I shall be publishing a list of the sessions for my members to let them know in advance when the hard or long sessions are being held. The easier sessions will include lots of technique and muscle awareness tips too.

On the same subject, I’m looking for people to join us for the Lincoln 10k Nordic Walk in April. It isn’t too late to join us for training. I have sessions on Tuesday and Saturday mornings at Whisby Nature Park starting at 10.30am and a Wednesday evening group at Bishop Grosseteste University at 7.15pm. It will be a great way to get fit, stay fit and socialise with the added advantage of doing something for charity.

Perhaps you are thinking of running the Lincoln 10k? Have you started training yet? Your first priority should be to purchase the correct running shoes. Many sports require a variation of techniques and pace throughout but running requires a constant repetitive use of the same muscles.

Once you have your running shoes try a 20 minute run. Your first training session should be a mixture of running and walking (try lamp post to lamp post alternating running and walking). Don’t push too hard, run/jog/walk for 10 minutes and then turn around and make your way home again. You can build on this short route over the coming weeks by running more and walking less. You will ‘feel’ when it is time to increase your distance.

Likewise, if you are using a treadmill you should avoid a constant speed for 20 minutes. Instead, make sure the speed and incline are varied throughout.

Let’s not have any injuries. Stretches should be done at the end of your run. Long easy stretches to encourage your muscles to return to their original length.

Strength training is also important so you might like to look back at the squats challenges that I set for you last year.

The videos are still on YouTube so search for ‘Mandarin Fitness Lincoln’ if you want to refresh your memory.

Here is a great quote for you: “Obstacles can’t stop you. Problems can’t stop you. Most of all, other people can’t stop you. Only you can stop you.” – J. Gitomer. This quote was supplied by Susan Ritchie www.youtimecoaching.co.uk twitter: @susanjritchie motivation and confidence coach.

If you are an instructor in the Horncastle or Market Rasen areas please contact me to let me know what classes you are organising for the New Year. The aim is to encourage more people to be active, so let’s all work together