FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: No need to over indulge this Christmass

Christmas Dinner
Christmas Dinner

How time flies!

Christmas is very nearly here already.

For those of us who celebrate Christmas it usually means a time of over indulgence.

Even during these times of recession I’ve no doubt that not only will too much food be passing our lips but too much of the wrong types of food will be consumed and will be doing their damage.

Don’t get me wrong, even as a personal trainer I don’t have a problem with people eating biscuits and drinking alcohol – life is to be enjoyed not overly restricted.

All of my clients will be able to relate to my philosophy too.

No food is ‘bad’ food but it is the amount of it we eat that does the true damage.

Processed foods will contain too much salt, sugar and/or trans fatty acids; all of which can eventually lead to weight gain, medical conditions, and even death.

So how can you avoid all of these nasty side effects?

The answer is simple: eat fish, poultry, lean meat, fruit, pulses, fibre and vegetables and limit packet/pre-prepared foods.

The reality is ‘don’t over-indulge.’

Try this simple trick: during your next meal make sure there are no distractions, TV and radio switched off, sit in silence (no conversation) and eat your meal.

If you ‘listen’ to your body carefully you will know when you have eaten enough.

Once your body has told you its full, have a look at your plate to see how much remains.

You may be surprised how much extra food you put on your plate that you don’t need.

All of the extra calories here are going to be stored as fat!

It’s easy to put the fat on but not so easy to burn it off so beware of the extra and hidden calories.

The party season will soon be in full swing so now is a good time to re-acquaint yourself with the proper portion sizes.

Did you notice that I wrote ‘re-acquaint’ just now?

If you have ever been around children you will probably have noticed that they can eat surprisingly small portions.

The reality is that their portion size probably isn’t too small but our (adult) expectations of a portion size may just be too large!

A handy tip to decrease your meal sizes is to use a smaller plate.

It may seem too simplistic but it really works!

Be careful when choosing those ‘nibbles’ too.

You could try making your own using fresh ingredients – there must be thousands of books on the market with recipes for healthy options so go and find some healthy foods that you enjoy.

It may seem too early to be covering this subject but I wouldn’t mind betting that many of you have already started tooling for bargains in the shops and are planning when you will be eating at home or visiting relatives and friends.

If this is the planning stage then make the most of it and think carefully before you buy too much food and drink.

So, that is the advice from the personal trainer who enjoys a glass or wine or two and is rather partial to a treat or two every now and again.

How did you get on with the last Feel the Difference Challenges?

I hope you enjoyed them and used them to spur on your exercise programme.

I’ll set another challenge next so keep reading to see what’s in store.