February D-day for future of county libraries

Lincolnshire Libraries Protest march ENGEMN00120130926125525
Lincolnshire Libraries Protest march ENGEMN00120130926125525

A final decision on the long-term future of Lincolnshire’s Library services is now expected to be announced next February.

There has been months of controversy about libraries after the County Council announced plans for widespread changes.

Several libraries - including Horncastle - saw opening hours slashed.

The future of several smaller libraries - including Wragby and Coningsby/Tattershall - was thrown into doubt amid the county council’s drive to make cuts.

However, the council suffered a setback after mounted a legal challenge which ended in defeat for the authority.

Essentially, the council was ordered to review the entire process again.

Speaking at a Town Council meeting last week, Horncastle’s county councillor Bill Aron revealed the public consultation process as part of that review process had closed.

He said the County Council would take views into account before a decision was announced in February.

Coun Aron, who is chairman of the County Council, did not give any further details.

There are hopes libraries in Wragby and Coningsby/Tattershall could be saved and run as community hubs.