FEATURE: Responsibility is on both the driver and rider, says the AA

Bethany Searby out with Pie.
Bethany Searby out with Pie.

The AA has called on drivers to ‘slow down’ when they see a horse on the road.

However, the organisation says not all people are aware of the potential problems.

In a statement, the AA also calls for riders who use roads to ensure they are ‘trained properly’.

The statement adds that ‘young and inexperienced’ riders should always be accompanied.

A spokesman for the AA said: “Car drivers need to understand the danger horses pose.

“They can potentially weigh three quarters of a tonne and could crush a car and its occupants.

“When meeting a horse on the road, drivers must ensure they slow down and give a wide berth to keep themselves, the horse, and the rider safe.

“Riders who use the road to exercise their horses must ensure their horses are trained properly to meet traffic.

“Young or inexperienced horses who are uncomfortable in traffic should be escorted by an experienced horse and rider who knows how to take precautionary action.

“Communication is all part of it and drivers need to be aware if a rider signals to them to slow down or stop.

“Drivers can be inconsiderate but, if they rarely see horses on the road, they may drive without caution which is something to be taken to a relevant local authority to raise awareness.”