Feature: Minting Park Farm

Minting Park Farm EMN-141126-153111001
Minting Park Farm EMN-141126-153111001

Born on the farm - Grown on the farm - Sold on the farm


Minting Park Farm EMN-141126-153246001

Minting Park Farm EMN-141126-153246001

Minting Park Farm is a family run mixed farm of approximately 600 acres, situated in the centre of Lincolnshire to the south side of the ancient Limewoods.

We have a suckler cow herd and a flock of sheep, and grow wheat, barley, beans and grass which feed our stock.

After converting buildings, we have a butchers shop/cutting area, chill store and freezer room, from which we market our wonderfully tasty beef lamb and mutton.


Special requests and any size orders, fresh or frozen, large or small, are taken, or call and see what we have available in our beautifully presented counter.

We aim to give you a top quality product at a competitive price.

In our shop counter we have a selection of home-bred and grown Beef, Lamb, Mutton and British Lop Pork, on and off the bone.

And each week there are special offers in the counter.

Sausage varieties change weekly too and we also have a gluten-free range.

We dry-cure all our British Lop Gammon and Bacon, and have Back, Streaky and Collar Bacon always available.

The Gammon is suitable as slices (very lightly cooked) or as boiling or roasting joints.

Our Motto is Born on the farm Grown on the farm Sold on the farm

Visit our new website at www.mintingparkfarm.co.uk

And to visit in person, we are in the middle of a triangle formed by Wragby, Horncastle and Bardney - near to The Sebastopol Inn.

We are approx 1 mile outside Gautby heading towards Bardney