Farmer ‘may have to pay £300,000 bill’ after scam


The Environment Agency (EA) is warning landowners about two recent ‘waste bale scam’ incidents in Lincolnshire.

In the last week, the EA’s environmental crime team have dealt with two new incidents where farmers have been approached and asked if they want road planings that can be used to repair roads and farmyards on their 

After accepting the offer and cash, they found bales of landfill waste dumped on their land instead of the expected road planings - leaving them with an environmental liability and a bill to transport and remove the waste to an authorised disposal site.

Farm insurance policies often do not cover poor business ventures.

One of the farmers had as many as 2,500 bales deposited on his land; resulting in a possible disposal bill of around £300,000.

The EA is urging all landowners to be wary and not become the next victim of illegal waste disposal and dumping.

Peter Stark, Senior Enforcement Officer, said: “Waste criminals can be very convincing and persuasive, sometimes offering thousands of pounds in cash up front.

“Don’t be tempted by quick money because you could end up with not only a massive disposal bill but also harm to the environment, flies, polluting liquids running out of bales of waste and increased risk 
of fire.

“Waste crime is a serious issue diverting as much as £1 billion per year from legitimate businesses and the Treasury.”

The EA provides impartial advice to customers, individuals and businesses - call 03708 506 506 for assistance.

If you see or suspect illegal waste activities, report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.