Falconry event soars at Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle Falconry event EMN-190107-171555001
Tattershall Castle Falconry event EMN-190107-171555001

Stunning birds of prey used the green and grassy grounds of Tattershall Castle to show off their fantastic flying skills at the weekend.

There was a great deal of swooping and soaring as the Medieval Falconry Event saw the sun shining on the crowds as they gathered to watch all types of feathery friends, from owls to kestrels, flaunt their wings around the great historic tower and marvel at this ancient pastime.

Tattershall Castle Falconry event EMN-190107-171544001

Tattershall Castle Falconry event EMN-190107-171544001

Visitors were in for a treat as the two-day event saw the birds use all of their tricks and skills, catching food as they glided through the breezy summer air.

Presented by ‘Raphael Historic Falconry’, there were fascinating insights into the birds and their way of life, harking back all the way to the medieval ages.

People of all ages were delighted to have the chance to handle the majestic birds and ask all their burning questions too.

With a double showing of flight displays, along with a commentary by the expert falconers, the visitors heard how the birds were trained, and learned all about their unique individual features.

The weekend saw delighted faces as visitors could have their photos taken with the beaked creatures.

The castle anticipates further family fun as July sees summer shows and epic quests.

The Pantaloons will be making a welcome return to the castle for an evening theatre performance on Friday, July 19, with another twist on Shakespeare in ‘Play On!’.

The Dragon Quest, filled with fire breathing fantasy, will be a week-long event starting on Monday, July 22.

To book upcoming performances or check information on all events throughout the year, visit: www.national
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