VIDEO: Going batty for World War shelter project in Tattershall

Conservationists in the area have had good reason to go batty this week after The Woodland Trust completed a new £10,000 project.

The charity has created 11 new bat roosts at Tattershall Carrs wood from old Second World War bomb shelters.

One of the bat bomb shelters at Tattershall Carrs wood EMN-150402-130605001

One of the bat bomb shelters at Tattershall Carrs wood EMN-150402-130605001

Tattershall Carrs contains numerous Second World War buildings including Stanton shelters (used during air raids), sewage ejector houses and transformer houses.

In fact, the wood was home to the famous 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron of the RAF and the camp would have held 1,000 airmen. It’s long been thought that these buildings could be used as bat roosts, offering a home to the species of bat that have been recorded by the Lincolnshire Bat Group over the last 10 years.

Now those dreams have become a reality thanks to a £10,000 grant from Biffa Award. In recent months contractors have cleared out the shelters making them safe and accessible for monitoring, before changing doorways so that air flow is improved and bats can fly in and out comfortably. They also installed bat boxes into the shelter.

Ian Froggatt, site manager for the Woodland Trust said: “We’ve always been proud of the rich history at Tattershall Carrs, and are excited that this has been brought to life in a way that will also benefit local nature.

The roosts will make monitoring the local bat population much easier, and as they will provide a great place for bats to hibernate we hope that they may actually increase bat numbers.

“Bats are wonderful creatures, and we’re keen to help the rarer species such as the barbastelle bat, which is one of Britain’s rarest mammals and listed as a priority species by the UK Biodiversity Action Plan.”

Tattershall Carrs forms the last remnants of ancient woodland that once ringed the margins of the Fens and is a site of special scientific interest. It is hoped that a bat walk will be run now the works are complete.