Letter: Unnecessary hazard by selfish individuals

Some of the rubbish left at the bottle bank
Some of the rubbish left at the bottle bank

This is the appalling sight I was confronted with at the Horncastle bottle bank in the Tesco car park on January 3.

There was plenty of space in all of the glass containers, but the ‘lower orders’ had dragged things down to their own level.

Two other people and I had to scramble over this mess to dispose of our bottles - properly, in the rain, which made the mess slippery, and over the broken glass dumped by the morons concerned. An unnecessary hazard brought about by very selfish individuals.

Isn’t it sad that the people who created this mess had the strength to lift the full bottles to their lips and guzzle down the contents but were too weak to put the empties into the containers? Presumably, they assume some kind of parental figure will magically appear and clear up their mess?

In recent times, Horncastle has lost two major high street banks and both of its independent fruit and veg shops. It managed somehow to beat off Tesco’s expansion plans, but was forced by a faceless government ‘inspector’ to accept the building of hundreds more new houses, against an already declining infrastructure.

Turbulent and undemocratic times indeed. But if idle, apathetic and pride-less locals can’t even take the trouble to clear up their own mess, then the downward spiral can only be quickened.

If people who use what is left of the town can’t be bothered to look after it, nobody else will. Happy New Year?

Peter Richardson, Greetham.