Chance to hear the birds at Snipes Dales near Horncastle

A whitethroat
A whitethroat

Early risers will have a chance to tune in to spring’s spellbinding natural symphony on a guided walk with the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust at Snipe Dales Country Park on Sunday (May 4).

In celebration of nature’s wake up call, the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust has organised a guided walk, starting at 4.30am.

It is an opportunity to experience the dawn chorus and learn more about birds who can be heard signing at that time of day.

Experts will be on hand to help identify which call belongs to which bird.

Dawn in springtime is a magical and memorable experience. In cities and towns the dawn singing of blackbirds, robins and wrens can be loud enough to wake people up.

At Snipe Dales, the chorus will be amplified with the songs of blackcap, whitethroat, willow warbler, garden warbler and, possibly nightingale and cuckoo.

Birds can, and do, sing and make different calls at all times of year. But triggered by changing day length, the numbers singing and intensity of song builds towards spring (the breeding season for most bird species).

The majority of bird song is by the males. Bird song has evolved as a mechanism to maintain territories and attract females.

Anyone interested in the walk should meet at the Country Park’s main car park at 4.30am. Snipe Dales is between Horncastle and Spilsby off the B1195.

It is well signposted from the A158 and B1195.