Belchford leads way in solar power bid

A first for the village of Belchford
A first for the village of Belchford

A picturesque Wolds village is set to become the first community in Lincolnshire to own and run a renewable energy company.

Organisers of the Belchford Community Solar Co-operative are now hoping people will invest in the company.

The project will involve siting solar panels on a farmer’s barn in the village.

A spokesman said: “Last year a group of Belchford residents decided that leaving the generation of electricity, whether from fossil fuels or clean renewable energy to the major six electricity generators was a recipe for increasing commercial profits at consumers’ expense.

“So BCSC was formed last November with the intention of using the government’s ‘Feed In Tariff’ system to generate clean solar energy by using photovoltaic (PV) panels on a local farmer’s barn in Belchford.

“Solar energy is currently used on over 500,000 installations in the UK and is a proven technology.

“In addition the development of renewable energy generation is important as part of the UK effort to reduce carbon emissions which many see as contributing to climate change.

“This 50kW array will ensure that the community will be able to invest in this project, thus keeping financial rewards in the local area.

“This makes the community more resilient and everyone will have a greater understanding of where our energy comes from.

“We cannot wait for someone else to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels so help us make BCSC the first community owned and run renewable energy installation in Lincolnshire and enjoy a healthy return on a local ethical investment.”

*Details can be found on the BCSC website at