ENTERTAINMENT: Morris dancers prove popular in Tetford

Morris dancers in Tetford
Morris dancers in Tetford

It was all happening in Tetford last Saturday as the ‘Travelling Morrice’ group called in for a special visit.

Founded in 1924, this group of travelling morris folk give an annual display of morris dancing at different locations throughout the UK and Europe.

This year, they returned to Lincolnshire having last visited the county in 1984. Their four days of display started on Wednesday June 25 in Hemingby and Belchford and concluded on Saturday at the White Hart, Tetford.

Apparently, the choice of location has quite a lot to do with the availability of real ale!

John Jenner and Lester Halling, between them, have been morris men for over 90 years.

John, now aged 78, said they used to do two tours a year but as the ages of the group range from 50 to 78, they now limit the tour to once a year.

There are some 80 members of The Travelling Morrice and membership of the troop is by invite only. They come from all over the UK.

Learning the dance routines takes 12 to 18 months before they start doing any public displays.

Spectators in Tetford were entertained by displays of dances from the Isle of Man, The Cotswolds and Lichfield.

These were selected from a choice of over a dozen different area traditions which give some 60 different dances. At the start of the last dance of the evening, the morris folk invited the spectators to join in.