We’re on course for an Academy boost says Gartree head

Gartree head Paul MacLeod with chair of govenors Loraine Etherington EMN-140519-161432001
Gartree head Paul MacLeod with chair of govenors Loraine Etherington EMN-140519-161432001

Gartree Community School has been backed to attain Academy status by September - the first step in an Exciting and successful future..

That is the positive message from interim headteacher Paul MacLeod.

In an exclusive interview with the News, Mr MacLeod revealed he was ‘ever so hopeful’ an agreement would be reached with David Ross Education Trust, guaranteeing Academy status for the start of the next Academic year.

MrMacLeod also confirmed he hoped to stay on as headand continue the encouraging recovery the school has made since being placed in special measures.

He said: “I’m ever so hopeful about becoming an Academy and I’m looking forward to it.

“I can’t say for definite that I will be here but I’m hoping so.

“I want to be here but we can’t finalise anything yet because the consultation hasn’t finished.”

Mr MacLeod was speaking while being presented with a long-service certificate after completing 23 years’ as a teacher in Lincolnshire - 12 of them at Gartree.

He initially joined Gartree as a PE teacher and occupied several senior positions before taking over as head 12 months ago.

He added: “I love the school. I always have. That’s why I’ve stayed, regardless of what has happened.

“I have tremendous pride in the school. I have pride in the staff. I love the kids and the vast majority of parents are very supportive.

“When we were put into special needs, it dents your pride.

“You get battered in special measures, absolutely battered. People’s morale can go. and you think - just how low can you go?

“It was hard but I’m one who wanted to so something about it.

“We’ve a lot of work to do but we are turning the corner. People’s perceptions are changing for the better.

“Our intake for September is up by 25 per cent. Hopefully, the David Ross Education Trust will be our sponsor by then and that can only be a positive thing.

“They are just what this school needs.

“Together, we can put this school back where it belongs - a good school at the heart of Tattershall and Coningsby.”

Mr MacLeod, who lives in Horncastle, admitted he found the role of head challenging but rewarding.