VIDEO: Children attend new Roman display at town library

Forget the Romans, there was a modern invasion of Horncastle Library last week - from Wellies’ Nursery.

Their visit coincided with a special event to mark the opening of a new display about Roman Horncastle.

New Roman exhibition opening at Horncastle Library

New Roman exhibition opening at Horncastle Library

Special panels have been placed above a section of Roman wall that runs through the library.

The panels depict various aspects of Roman life and include a map of Roman Horncastle.

The panels were paid for by donations from Horncastle Civic Society and the local community.

Organiser Shelia Jonkers, who helped design the display, said she was delighted.

She dressed in Roman costume to welcome visitors to the first day of the display.

She said: “It was great to see so many children and they genuinely seemed to be interested in the Romans.”

Children were able to dress up in Roman costumes while there was a chance to taste food based on Roman recipes.

The display panels will be available to view during usual library opening hours.

Civic Society chairman Mary Silverton said: “The panels look very interesting and anything that creates interest in the history of the town has to be a positive thing.”

Historians appear to be divided over the importance of Roman Horncastle.

There is little doubt Roman Horncastle consisted of two main parts - a walled enclosure or fort covering around five acres and an earlier Romano-British settlement, covering a much larger area.