Students achievements are celebrated at Horncastle school

Headteacher at Banovallum School, Grant Edgar. Picture: John Aron. EMN-181016-094109001
Headteacher at Banovallum School, Grant Edgar. Picture: John Aron. EMN-181016-094109001

Banovallum School celebrated the achievements of students during the 2017/18 academic year at their annual Awards Evening.

Outgoing Head Girl, Amy Bachelor and Head Boy Josh Chapman spoke eloquently about their time at Banovallum.

Banovallum School. EMN-180821-101730001

Banovallum School. EMN-180821-101730001

Guest of honour was the Mayor of Horncastle Coun Brian Burbidge who spoke passionately about his educational journey which took him from an apprenticeship in the Nottinghamshire coal fields to a successful international businessman, working in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Guatemala.

The key theme of Coun Burbidge’s speech was the need to always keep learning and adapting to challenging situations with resilience, good humour and flexibility.

Headteacher, Grant Edgar said: “This was a truly special event, a wonderful evening in which the Banovallum community came together to celebrate the hard work and exceptional achievements of students from Years 7 to 11.

“We decided to move the event to the autumn term to enable us to credit the students who performed best in their GCSE exams.

“The Awards Evening doesn’t only celebrate academic excellence.

“At Banovallum, we are proud of our focus on the development of the ‘whole student’ and as such, there were awards celebrating effort, community involvement, the arts and sporting achievement.

“It shows what can be accomplished when all three elements of the education partnership, parents, students and school, work together.”

Mr Edgar went on to praise staff and everyone who had helped make the awards evening a success.

He added: “I would like to thank all the staff at the school for their absolute commitment to enabling all students to achieve their very best.

“I would also like to thank everyone involved in the evening for making it run so successfully.

“Special thanks must also go to the Jobson Trust for their generosity in donating the prizes, the Governors and the Friends of Banovallum for supporting the evening and to Pat Bowser for providing and arranging the flowers for the evening.”

Here are award winners of the Governors Prize for effort and achievements in 2017/18.

In Year 7: J.J Bowen; Fleur Fawcett; Samuel Johnson; Maisie Milne; Morgan Jones; Trinity Kent; Theo Dalgliesh; Scarlett Bellwood; Rowan Hackett; Gracie Knight; Ella Fawcett; Molly Allen and Victoria Lee.

In Year 8: Kieran Taylor; Grace Evison; Frankie Raithby; Penny Steel; Christopher Taylor; Connie Piper; Libby Lea; George Billington; Thomas Raithby; Charlotte Helliwell.

In Year 9: Ethan Jones; William Brocklebank; Chloe Leggate; Luke Haynes; Rosie Flint; Bronwyn Holmes; Luke Waygood; Ollie Robinson andRuby Anthony.

In Year 10: James Learoyd; Ellie-Mae Swinson; Jack Deasley; Gabby Kirk; Charles McNab; Laura Walton; Archie Billers; Ella Coles; Daniel Brailey andAlana Horton.

The evening also honoured other students for their success in different areas.

Lucy-Anne Wilson won The Cup for Key Stage 3 Science; Olivia Cushway was awarede the Key Stage 3 Creative Arts Award; Maia Rose Capps, Jade Flynn, Harvey Hare, Ami Johnson were all awarded the Work Related Learning Enterprise Award.

Awards were also presented to students who had excelled in their GCSE results which were issued in August.

At the time, Mr Edgar said: “I am proud of the way in which both students and staff have risen to the challenge of the reformed GCSEs and these results are testimony to all the hard work that has been put in over the last two years.”

GCSE Year 11 Awards for 2017/2018: Kim Allen - The Prize for English Literature; Kirsten Allison - The Jobson Prize for Effort and Resourcefulness; and The Prize for Music Technology; Amy Bachelor - The Jones Cup for Progress KS4 Science Award, The Prize for Geography, The Prize for Religious Studies, Head Girl; Rahena Begum - The Browne Cup for Effort and Achievement.

Awards were also given to Joshua Broughton - The Crew Cup for Back Stage; Rian Bruntlett - The Waymouth Cup for Integrity; Kia Buck - The Prize for Child Development, The Prize for Effort in Maths; Henry Burgess - The Woodcraft Award for Outstanding Achievement, The Prize for Food Technology, The Prize for History, The Prize for Maths, The Prize for Science, Year 11 Governor’s Award; Bridie Burton - The Maureen Gay Award for Outstanding Progression in Performance.

Other award winners are: Joshua Chapman - The Prize for Music, The RMT CAD/CAM Award. Head Boy; Sydney-Lee Crampton - The Lions Award for Achievement; Ellie Deardon - The Prize for Work Experience; Jamie-Leigh Dixon - The Hargreaves Award for Bible Studies, The Harness Cup for Sport Deputy Head Girl; Georgia Everton - The Prize for English, The Prize for Business Studies; Tom Fiddies - The Haston Award for Senior Footballer; Kit Forrester - The Mike Rose Trophy for ICT; Lauren Grantham - The Cockerill Cup for Resourcefulness; Georgia Hunter - The Scholey Cup for Service to The School; Emma Leggate - The Jobson Prize for Service to The School, The Jobson Prize for Service to School Sport, The Ranyard Cup for French; Marissa Manning - The Abbott Cup for Key Stage 4 Science, The Clive Rennie Endeavour Award; Zena Marsh - The Jobson Prize for Effort; Jakob Mason - The Roland Hill Cup for RMT, The Prize for Performing Arts; Jasmine McMaster - The Woolley Cup for RMT; Frank Mellor - The Prize for RMT; Cael Monaghan - The Arcadia Cupfor Sport; Jonathon Owens - Deputy Head Boy; Abigail Robinson - The O’ Brien Cup for Art, The Prize for Art; Jason Sellers - The Bain-Waring Trophy for Geography; Imogen Towers - The Cup for Photography; Ashleigh Wallis - The Simpson Cup for Music; Callum Webb - The Bird Cup for Effort and Achievement Boy; Christie Whitley - The Rodwell Plate for Food Technology; Ethan Wootton-Calvey - The Barr Coaching and Leadership. Daniel Zachar - French award